EARTHDAYGLOBAL is a Three day festival of music, dance, video and environmental education. Included is the EcoVillage/Flowtown for camping access and volunteers who will perform the daily tasks in keeping the park clean and welcoming all participants. On the first day of this spectacular event, festival organizers will launch the Spiral for Peace© through 1152 people gathered, who will sing and chant creating a giant spiral of light and sound. This ceremony is designed to emanate a healing sound with powerful vibrations of singing and percussion, with notes carefully chosen so as a spiral, literally making the earth tremble under the feet of the participants and visitors. The vibrations of the notes, according to festival organizers, help heal the Earth and bring peace to all living beings on the planet. After the opening ceremony of the spiral, a matrix of musical talent. The event will continue with the presentation of dancers, singers, lectures and videos, involving artists at all levels. Performances of traditional Indigenous music and dances are also performed including shows and documentaries.

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