Gianfranco Chicco

Gianfranco Chicco is a hybrid marketer, passionate innovator and experience designer of innovative conferences, from business forums to media and technology meetings. He has been in charge of startup, business development, marketing, programming and operations for companies in the creativity, technology, design and executive education areas, challenging "business as usual" to create amazing experiences for the participants. He's been the Chief Operating Officer of Red Innova (Spain/Latam),  Marketing Manager of the well known PICNIC Festival (Netherlands), Conference Director of Frontiers of Interaction (Italy), and Marketing Director of the World Business Forum (Italy/Europe), dealing with speakers like Bill Clinton, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Kevin Roberts, Lawrence Lessig, Malcolm Gladwell, Rudy Giuliani and Jack Welch and many others from companies like Facebook, Google, frog, Evernote, IDEO, Massive Health. He mostly takes pleasure in featuring lesser known but rising disruptive personalities which have more to share than your typical top shots. He currently consults for several international organizations. Having worked in America (USA, Brazil, Argentina), Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands) and Asia (Japan) and taken part in events in many other parts of the World, he decided to share some of the lessons learnt (and many mistakes made) and in particular to dedicate his time to those innovative aspects of conference design that can transform a good event into an outstanding one. He writes at, Wired Magazine (Italy/UK) and frequently speaks about the Future of Conferences all over the world.

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