L!ve from 1600 Champa Sq. | :: is ‘a multi-disciplinary live video entertainment & lifestyle events show filmed in-front an intimate studio audience, with an outdoor street level crowd. :: a live video and digital content program that exists as a must-stop spot on the publicity circuit for musicians, movie stars, professional athletes, top chefs, icons and more. :: a show dedicated to spotlighting platform for both emerging and established cutting-edge entertainers, musicians, actors, fashion designers, fashion labels, actresses, companies, filmmakers, beauticians, individuals, artists, innovators, professional athletes, businesses, celebrities, organizations, artists and more via highly engaging live video interviews, coverage and events. :: Co-Founder | Justice Kwesi Kwarteng :: Co-Founder | John Spalvins CONTACT | :: livefrom1600champasq@gmail.com TWITTER | :: @ 1600ChampaLive FACEBOOK | :: tbd

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