This Week on Livestream | June 12, 2017

Watch live as Attorney General Sessions testifies in the Russia investigation, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll appear in character as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland at 92Y, and Patricia Lockwood debuts her new book at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

The Other Box Project on Love: Race and Identity: 1967-2017 | The Greene Space
Monday, June 12
“Ali Bien-Aimé, 19-year-old Amherst College freshman and native New Yorker, will discuss the evolution of his identity, as well as his upbringing as a multiracial man in a lesbian household.”

Attorney General Sessions testifies in Russia Inquiry | Federal Network
Tuesday, June 13
2:30 PM ET
“Senate Intelligence Committee will hear from recused former colleague Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

Crowdfunding Pitch Event | NextGen Crowdfunding
Tuesday, June 13
“Join NextGen Crowdfunding to learn how a new generation of Crowdfunding Angel Investors are supporting emerging companies and startups that are pursuing the American Dream.”

The Future of Brands | Fashion Institute of Technology
Tuesday, June 13
6:30 PM ET
“A think tank of innovative leadership, this FIT capstone program provides advanced education for emerging executives, fostering both creative and analytical business skills. Students obtain a global perspective through field studies in multiple overseas markets.”

Oh Hello Again: Gil and George Premiere on Netflix | 92nd Street Y
Tuesday, June 13
Oh, Hello on Broadway comes to 92nd Street Y with comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland — appearing in character for an evening of conversation moderated by John Oliver.”

Patricia Lockwood | Author Events
Tuesday, June 13
7:30 PM ET
“Patricia Lockwood is the author of 2014’s groundbreaking Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals, a book of obscene, angry, funny verse that ‘is unforgettable, literally: once read, it cannot be forgotten’ (NPR). Lockwood debuts her new memoir Priestdaddy, the story of her unconventional upbringing and irascible Catholic priest father, at the Free Library of Philadelphia.”

LOOKING AT ARCHITECTURE: Capturing The Best Angles Of Buildings And Cities | B&H Event Space
Wednesday, June 14
“Photographer Paul Clemence will present a selection of his work including his most recent series and his evolving essay on New York City architecture. He will also discuss his technique and artistic approach to looking at buildings in ways to discover new and creative angles.”

Black Music Month in Argentina and Uruguay with ‘Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango’ | Schomburg Center
Wednesday, June 14
8:10 PM ET
“In celebration of Black Music Month, the Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery will present the documentary Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango. Directed by Angolan filmmaker Dom Pedro, the beautiful film explores the African roots of tango in Argentina and Uruguay.”

9 Need-to-Know Stats About Livestreaming for Broadcasters [Infographic]

Cord-cutting is on the rise. Audiences are pivoting away from traditional media toward new social and over-the-top content platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Livestreaming television and radio broadcast programming is the best way to reach your viewers across multiple platforms. Our research shows livestreaming for broadcasters is crucial for any modern media distribution strategy.

News and sports broadcasters are leading the charge, with new streaming portals eating away at traditional media’s market share. To meet viewer demand, broadcasters need to diversify the way they distribute their content.

“Not only have we realized an entirely new revenue stream, but [the livestream] has become so popular, we can’t imagine doing the radio show without the streaming video component.” – Shane French, Rover’s Morning Glory Radio Show

1. In 30 days, more video content is uploaded than all three major U.S. TV networks combined have created in 30 years.
2. Digital video consumption among adults has increased: from 21 minutes in 2011 to one hour and 16 minutes in 2015. (Source: eMarketer)
3. 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of watch every day. (Source: Hubspot)
4. Users are spending an average of one hour and fifty-five minutes with digital video each day. (Source: eMarketer)
5. Millennials aged 14 to 25 are the only age group watching more shows on digital devices than on traditional TV screens. (Source: eMarketer)
6. 41% of digital audiences would watch livestreaming breaking news stories. (Source: GlobalWebIndex)
7. Digital radio engagement is up from 53 seconds in 2011 to over one minute in 2015. (Source: eMarketer)
8. In 2014, 47% of all Americans — an estimated 124M people — said they have listened to online radio in the last month. (Source: Media Daily News)
9. 75% of respondents who listen to online radio on a weekly basis think commercials are a fair trade for free programming. (Source: Media Daily News)

Want to learn more about how traditional media companies are growing their audiences with live video?

Read our case study with New York Magazine and Veuve Clicquot to learn:

  • How New York Magazine and Veuve Clicquot grew an in-person event into a widespread social phenomenon.
  • How live video can add dynamism and production value to publishers’ brand partnerships.
  • How livestreaming for publishers is changing the way readers engage with their favorite periodicals.

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