This Week on Livestream | November 27, 2017

Watch live as the host and judges of Bravo’s Top Chef sit down at 92Y, Subaru debuts their new SUV, Spoon plays at Brooklyn Steel, and the New York Rangers practice in New York.

A Conversation with the Host and Judges of Bravo’s Top Chef | 92Y
Tuesday, November 28
“Food lovers everywhere — are you ready for Season 15 of Bravo’s Top Chef? Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Graham Elliot in conversation with New York Magazine’s Chief Restaurant Critic, Adam Platt.”

Introducing the all-new Subaru Ascent | Subaru America
Tuesday, November 28
9:10 PM ET
“The biggest Subaru SUV yet is just around the corner — the 2019 Ascent. You can be among the first to see it when Subaru streams live from the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.”

Rachel Bloom in Conversation with Ashley Lee | 92nd Street Y
Wednesday, November 29
“Rachel Bloom, the star of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, stops by 92Y to talk about what it’s like working on one of TV’s funniest, most original comic series. What new adventures lie in store for the lovably nutty Rebecca Bunch and her brilliant, talented creator?”

Spoon @ Brooklyn Steel | Pitchfork Live
Wednesday, November 29
“This Wednesday, November 29, Spoon are performing a sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel, as they continue to tour behind their 2017 record Hot Thoughts. Pitchfork is pleased to announce that they will be streaming that concert as the next installment of Pitchfork Live.”

Tina Brown | The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983 – 1992 | Author Events
Thursday, November 30
12 PM ET
“The founding editor of The Daily Beast and creator of Tina Brown Live Media, she is also the founder of the Women in the World summit. In her new book, Brown draws upon the diaries she kept during her meteoric years at Vanity Fair to provide a personal and cultural chronicle of a fascinating era.”

2017 LA Auto Show | Toyota
Thursday, November 30
12 PM ET
“Watch the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) premiere at the LA Auto Show. #FTAC”

Classical Up Close: 2017 Richard Tucker Award Winner Nadine Sierra | The Greene Space
Friday, December 1
“In a preview to the December 10 Richard Tucker Gala at Carnegie Hall, WQXR presents an exclusive performance and conversation with Ms. Sierra, hosted by Nimet Habachy.”

Open Practice | New York Rangers
Saturday, December 2
12 PM ET
“The New York Rangers practice in New York, New York.”

[Case Study] How ISC Sports Network blends live streaming with video subscriptions

When Greg Maish, President of ISC Sports Network, began using Vimeo Livestream, his goal was to live stream sports from around Indiana into the homes of surrounding communities. “We had this vision of a single place where people can come and see local sports,” he said. “We wanted it to be accessible and readily available, for all of our sports fans.”

In just four years, ISC Sports has grown from strictly live streaming games into a full-fledged online channel, using Vimeo OTT to offer live and on-demand sports content. Learn more about how Maish used Vimeo to scale his local sports business, grow his audience, and monetize video content in our interview below.

Growing from live streams to on-demand video

Working in telecommunications for most of his career, Maish understood the trajectory of cord-cutting behavior, especially those who opt into OTT content, or services that go “over the top” of traditional cable providers. “At the end of the day, we all are TV consumers — but we are also very much OTT consumers, whether it’s Roku, Amazon, Chromecast, or even on our mobile devices,” he said.

After digging into his viewers’ behavior in Vimeo Livestream’s analytics, Maish made an interesting discovery. Despite the in-the-moment experience of live sports, there was a surge in broadcast views after the events ended. “It’s an interesting dynamic. We’ll get maybe the same number of views that we get during the game itself,” he said.

With this intel, Maish saw an opportunity to grow his audience with OTT. “Vimeo OTT was the piece that was missing,” he said. “We wanted a ready-to-go, fully developed solution. It’s been a real easy way in [to the OTT industry],” he said, referring to the simple content management tools and branded apps available in the platform.

Generating and growing ad revenue with Vimeo

For many broadcasters, advertising is a critical source of revenue. Admittedly, “local sports is not always that easy to sell,” Maish said (ISC Sports competes with 10 Division I NCAA colleges in the Hoosier state). Using Vimeo OTT’s analytics, Maish was able to pinpoint the number of viewers his productions brought in, where those views came from, their watch time, and more.

“[The analytics] give us great feedback on stuff we would normally guess on,” he said, and unlike other television measurement models, the data is precise. “It’s not a guess, it’s not an estimation — it’s really what’s happening.” Providing quantitative data to advertisers, and subsequently guaranteeing that their product or service will be seen, makes for a straightforward transaction.

Tips to live stream sports

ISC Sports is a prime example of starting scrappy and scaling quickly. How did they achieve their success with building a local sports network in just four years?

1. Know your vision. “You’ve really got to have a vision when you get started,” he said, while acknowledging that it can (and likely will) change. “Ours has evolved over time.

2. Top-notch, reliable distribution. Your business won’t gain traction unless you’re broadcasting quality content to bring in and maintain viewership. “That’s where having a partner like Vimeo plays into our business strategy,” he said. “With Vimeo, we know that when we’re out streaming, it will work. It’s always just worked, and that’s been a key ingredient in our success.”

In the end, Maish remains invested in and reliant on Vimeo to support ISC because of the team behind the platforms. “One thing we’ve learned as both a community-facing service provider and from dealing with vendors, is that loyalty is everything to us,” he said. “If we feel secure in that relationship, we will preach it from the rooftops.”

“When a vendor does what they say they will do and they do it well, we will be vocal to say, ‘These are the guys you want.’ Looking at what we have with Vimeo, we will share the good news with anyone who needs to hear.”

Engaged audiences spark business growth

Through their highly-engaged audience and growing advertising base, ISC Sports now broadcasts all over Indiana. “Our production team continues to grow,” Maish said. “Even for a local game, we may have 10 guys there doing things. We’ve had to evolve into multiple crews, trying to cover as much as we can.”

Fortunately, as demand grows, so does ISC Sports’ bottom line. “What we’re spending is very manageable,” he said, referring to Vimeo’s Livestream and OTT price points. “[It’s] something we can not only pay for, but it makes it a profitable endeavor for us.”

Learn more about how to grow your business — and audience — with on-demand video in our guidebook, The 2018 OTT Revolution. By analyzing 1.3B consumer data points, we took the guesswork out of how viewers consume and subscribe to video content, empowering you to focus on expanding your reach and maintaining subscribers.