This Week on Livestream | July 31, 2017

Watch live as Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst visits The Greene Space, Mick Fleetwood sits down at 92nd Street Y to talk Fleetwood Mac, and Senior Mevo Producer Ian McCoy hosts a live unboxing and demo of our All-in-One Studio Kit.

Podcast Mixtape: Conor Oberst | The Greene Space
Monday, July 31
“Ever wonder what your favorite musician’s podcast would sound like? If that musician is Conor Oberst, wonder no more. Join More Perfect correspondent Sean Rameswaram for an intimate evening of conversation, a live performance from Conor’s latest album, and more.”

Monday Nights with WBGO: Celebrating Nat King Cole with Sachal Vasandani & Friends | Jazz at Lincoln Center
Monday, July 31
“WBGO is proud to partner once again with Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola on Monday Nights with WBGO. The series features talented new artists as well as groups from some of the area’s great college jazz programs.”

Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championship | RacerTV Live
Tuesday, August 1
11 AM ET
“The Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championship only takes one week, but that one week will create a lifetime of memories. You’ll feel a certain magic whether you’re at the track or watching live online.”

Getting Started with the All-in-One Studio Kit | Livestream Learn
Tuesday, August 1
1:30 PM ET
“It’s now easier than ever to create compelling, high-quality live video. Join Senior Mevo Producer Ian McCoy for a live webinar demonstration of our All-in-One Studio Kit, and discover the power of a full broadcast studio solution. We’ll show you how to get started and everything you need to go live.”

Mick Fleetwood in Conversation with Anthony DeCurtis | 92nd Street Y
Tuesday, August 1
7:30 PM ET
“Join Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood for an in-depth discussion with Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor for Rolling Stone. He’ll talk about his childhood, early bands, Fleetwood Mac’s debut performance, their first international tours, and live gig antics.”

#249 Marketing Technology: The Changing Landscape | CXOTALK
Friday, August 4
“What is marketing technology and how is it changing? Scott Brinker, co-founder, president and CTO of ion interactive, tells Michael Krigsman of CXOTALK about the changing landscape of post-click marketing and conversion optimization through AI and greater personalization.”

How to Attract and Engage Your Live Audience on Social Media

You have prepped for your live event. Your production team is all set. Your live audience is ready. It’s showtime. But wait – have you forgotten about your use of social media for livestreaming events?

Every live event provides a huge opportunity to increase your brand’s awareness and engage your target audience to drive indisputable business results. If you truly want to succeed at building – and growing – a loyal community, you cannot afford to ignore social media for livestreaming events. Here are some best practices for promoting your live event across your social channels.

Before your event goes live:

Count down to the event: Promote your livestreaming event on social media in advance. If you’re on Facebook, share details of your event on your page about a month before the event (e.g. August 21, 1 PM ET). Continue to post reminders as the event approaches – starting with one week from the event, three days, a day, and finally, the morning of the event. Don’t overdo your reminders. Stagger your posts. If you’re on Twitter, posting about your event one week prior to the event will suffice, given the platform’s short news cycle and constantly changing trending topics. After your initial post, it’s crucially important to post the day of your event, driving meaningful, real-time traffic to your livestream. Make sure the content is visually compelling. Social media posts with videos and images achieve 40% more engagement.

When your event goes live:

Create a trend-worthy and intuitive hashtag: Almost every livestreaming event today – from sporting events to conferences – will have a hashtag attached to it. Your audience is ready to tell the story and spread the word nationally, even globally. Your hashtag should reflect your brand and event. By adding a hashtag to your promotion, you’re not only creating buzz around the event and unifying your audience, but also making it easier for your audience to interact with your event/brand, further amplifying the conversation.

Customize your Bitlinks: Custom Bitlinks help you form a relationship with your target audience. Create a memorable and catchy Bitly, such as what Livestream’s Content and Social Media Manager Carly Walsh did during a livestream of Misty Copeland, the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. You can also drive your audience to your brand’s website by sharing a link along with your live video, which was how we promoted Carolina Herrera’s live show on Twitter. The fashion brand gained 60,000 new social followers and 51.2 million impressions after its 2016 New York Fashion Week livestream.

Simulcast to multiple social media platforms: In a perfect world, your target audience will be coming to your website to watch your live event. However that does not guarantee reach. Simulcasting meets your target audience wherever they are. At Livestream, we have seen viewership of Livestream Learn webinar double since simulcasting to Facebook Live. If you’re a Premium or Enterprise customer, you’ll be able to simulcast to your audiences on RTMP-enabled streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Periscope and Twitch. And yes, you may stream to Facebook Live through the Livestream platform but unfortunately because of Facebook’s terms of service, you will not be able to simultaneously livestream to other social media platforms.

Engage with your audience and be interactive: Brands need to go beyond merely livestreaming their event. Acknowledge your audience, listen and engage with them to create personalized interactions on social media during your livestream. Take live questions, conduct a poll – this is a unique opportunity to engage in a two-way conversation with a captive audience and use the feedback to inform your event promotion strategy. Another great way to engage your audience – and humanize your brand – is to take your viewers behind the scenes at your event through Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

After your event:

Keep the conversation going: Sharing a past live event on social media provides longevity and allows conversations about your brand to continue even after the livestream event. An effective way of doing that is to search and retweet what your audience shared during your event.

Offer quality content: Continue to engage the audience with content from your brand and redirect them to your brand’s site. Anyone who has engaged with you recently on social media is more likely to be receptive to offerings that you promote. Share materials such as your latest trending blog, ebooks or your next brand event!

You can learn more about engaging with your live audience on social media from our full webinar. Watch the video below to learn:

  • Best practices for promoting for live events across social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • The benefits of simulcasting to social media
  • How to engage your audience on social and live chat