This Week on Livestream | August 28, 2017

Watch live as the Cato Institute discusses the politics of Game of Thrones, Senator Bernie Sanders visits the Riverside Church in New York City, and Nikon gives a hands-on preview of the new Nikon D850 high-resolution full-frame DSLR.

The Politics of Game of Thrones | Cato Institute
Monday, August 28
6:30 PM ET
“The day after the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, join the Cato Institute and the R Street Institute in an exploration of the intrigue and game theory (and inevitable analogies to our current political landscape) that pervade the world of ice and fire.”

An Evening with Senator Bernie Sanders | Riverside Church NYC
Monday, August 28
“Senator Sanders will discuss his new young adult book, The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.”

D850 | Hands-on Panel Discussion | Nikon
Tuesday, August 29
“Get a hands-on preview of the new Nikon D850 high-resolution full-frame DSLR. Explore its exciting feature set with Nikon product managers, and then see how Nikon Ambassadors put the camera to the test in recent assignments.”

A Night in Havana with Axel Tosca | Jazz at Lincoln Center
Tuesday, August 29
7:30 PM ET
“Cuban-born, New York-based pianist and composer Axel Tosca makes his debut at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola. Described as ‘contemporary jazz with a global reach,’ Tosca blends influences including folk, timba, Afro-Caribbean, and funk.”

Post-screening Q&A with Ernest Hardy and Tisa Bryant: “Pariah” | Hammer Museum
Wednesday, August 30
12 AM ET
“A Q&A with writers Ernest Hardy and Tisa Bryant follows a screening of Pariah. Q&A will be livestreamed after the screening.”

EDGE Symposium I: Architectural Technologies | Sci-Arc
Wednesday, August 30
“SCI-Arc EDGE is a new platform for advanced studies in architecture. Its innovative postgraduate degree programs are designed to test the theoretical and practical limits of architectural innovation in order to launch new architectural careers for the twenty-first century.”

Grand Master Fiddler Championship | Grand Master and Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship
Sunday, September 3
10:30 AM ET
“The Grand Master Fiddler Championship is a showcase for some of the best fiddle players in the world. Each year, the Contest Committee invites top Fiddle Players from around the world to compete in the contest.”

Key Features of Livestream Studio: Demo Video

Livestream Studio gives you all the elements of a professional live multi-camera production in a Windows-based switcher software. Think of it as a way to elevate your production quality with the ability to include multiple cameras, added graphics, green screen, pre-recorded video – and then some. Let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions and key features of Livestream Studio.

How to get started on Livestream Studio

There are three ways to use Studio: subscribe to a Livestream plan, purchase a Livestream Studio hardware unit, or Livestream Studio Software. If you choose to purchase our Studio Software online, you’ll receive a USB Dongle which will activate all the features of Livestream Studio when you plug it into the computer.

Key Features of Livestream Studio

Autofade capability (5:13-5:30 of the video below): Don’t like a hard cut? Then use the autofade functionality, based on the transition you’ve set, and manually control how fast you want it to autofade.

Graphics capability (5:30-6:20): This is one of the more important functionalities to include in your broadcast. Livestream Studio gives you the ability to add logos, lower-thirds, or build a picture-in-picture graphic. Once your graphic is set, you can preview it, push it into program view, and pull it when you’re done.

How to create a graphic overlay track or lower-third (6:29-9:52): Graphic overlays can be used to enhance your live video presentation. With Livestream Studio, you have the option to use three graphics overlay channels – all of which can include multiple layers of static or data-driven graphics.

How to build a picture-in-picture graphic (15:55-17:00): During a multi-camera production, you may want to show two or more camera shots at the same time. Livestream Studio gives you the ability to show any number of cameras you’d like within a picture-in-picture graphics layer.

How to use green screen (17:00-19:18): The use of green screen (also known as chroma key) has become popular lately. It is used to remove a color from your video, or the background of a video scene, to replace with an image that will serve as your background.

How to integrate a Mevo with Livestream Studio (27:55-28:34): To bring a Mevo into Livestream Studio, make sure they’re connected to the same internet network. You can also bring other sources into Studio wirelessly over a direct RTMP stream.

How to use a bonded connection (31:40-32:35): If you’re streaming to Livestream, you have the capability to bond multiple internet networks (multiple ethernet connections, WiFi, or cellular modems) together. You can also designate certain connections as primary and others as backups.

To learn how you can bring out the best in your live event with key features of Livestream Studio, watch the video below.