How to Stream Live on Youtube With Livestream

We’ve expanded our existing Simulcast feature to include YouTube Live. Now Livestream customers can seamlessly broadcast to Facebook or YouTube from their streaming dashboard. With improved analytics, producers have a single bird’s eye view of where and how their audience is engaging with their live video on the web and across platforms.

We’re excited to add YouTube to the Simulcast family of destinations*. Premium and Enterprise customers can now stream directly to YouTube and see viewership numbers from within their Livestream account. As our Simulcast feature expands to other platforms, we’ll continue to add easy streaming and analytics from those destinations as well.

To stream live to YouTube, connect your YouTube account to your Simulcast settings, set up your event, and you’re ready to go live. In addition to your YouTube channel, your live event will automatically stream to your Livestream event page, the live player embed, and any other destinations you have configured.

Livestream is committed to providing our customers with a simple and effective way to manage and analyze their live video content across the web. Wherever your audience is watching, Livestream has the tools you need to engage viewers and grow your reach.

By expanding our Simulcast functionality, we’re giving streamers the opportunity to expand their viewership and measure their success. Grow your live audience by reaching viewers on their favorite platforms, while maintaining the customizability of your playback and analytics with Livestream. Livestream is your ultimate destination for managing your content across the web.

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*Streaming to Facebook Live and other destinations at the same time is not supported due to Facebook’s Terms of Service.