Streaming Sports: 12 Stats About Fan Viewing Habits [Infographic]

According to the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg and ThePostGame, 63% of all sports fans are interested in paying for an all-sports over-the-top channel. Of those interested in streaming sports, 56% would pay more for online streaming than for traditional TV channels. In households with children that number jumps to 70%, or 78% for people who self-report as “intense” sports fans.

“Sports is the last category of must-see-now content,” Jeffrey Cole, founder and director of the Center for the Digital Future told Broadcasting & Cable in an interview. “Based on our data, Gen Z and Millennial fans are clearly shifting preferences, behavior and spending.” Another interesting stat from this study: 80% of women describe themselves as sports fans and are willing to pay up to 50% more for OTT sports media content.

When it comes to consuming streaming sports content, 65% of the youngest fans – millennials and younger – are consuming sports content on a mobile device. The study also aligns with the Eagles’ finding that many of their fans are outside the local area, with 64% of fans living somewhere outside where their favorite team plays, noting: “The concept of a local sports market may be obsolete.”


Another validation of the Philadelphia Eagles strategy: 50% of sports fans in the USC Annenberg study say they’ve watched supplemental sports programming with 60% – mostly millennials – reporting that it’s important to them.

By most forecasts, OTT is poised for massive growth over the next five years. London-based Digital TV Research Limited predicts that global OTT TV and video revenue will reach $64.8 billion globally by 2021. In the US alone, OTT revenue will increase to $22.8 billion in 2021. Digital TV Research Limited also estimates 383 million SVOD subscriptions around the world by 2021.


  • How the Philadelphia Eagles develop broadcast-quality live video for over 2M viewers.
  • Data and statistics on rising interest in sports on-demand content.
  • The equipment and tools the Eagles use to connect to fans with live video.

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