Livestream Video API to Customize Your Video Experience

We’re excited to announce that our developer API is available, offering full flexibility and control over your viewing experience. As part of this effort we are launching a brand new developer portal to house all SDKs and APIs. Check it out here.


Many of our customers have expressed the need to customize their Livestream integration, making the API one of the most highly requested features. Over the past few months we’ve conducted a closed beta program, witnessing the wide variety of applications for live and on-demand video.


You may not know it but you’re using APIs all the time in your day-to-day routine. API stands for Application Programming Interface and simply allows applications to invisibly talk to each other in real-time. Booking a ride on demand? Your app is probably using the Google Maps API to tell you how many minutes away your driver is. Looking at movie reviews? Your browser might be using the Fandango API to display the closest movie theaters and provide tickets. Livestream’s API can be used by any brand to pull in their live and on-demand content and display them however they want.


There are no limits to the rich experiences you can build for audiences to enjoy your live and archived content. Core functionality allows you to bring live and archived streams into your site, automatically create events, and use any video player of your choice. For custom content portals, you can update your site when your event goes live and allow users to search archived events. Broadcasters can also pull content across multiple accounts by linking to them in the API dashboard. Here are some applications our customers have built on using our API:

  • A live 1080p background takeover on a Brazilian radio site.
  • EDGEsport, a live-action sports portal that monetizes live and archived content behind a paywall.
  • Boston Celtics’ NBA site updates in real-time with an embedded Livestream player when a live press conference is held.

Our API is available as an add-on for active Livestream subscribers. Get started today by checking out the REST documentation featured in our developer portal.