Getting Started with Live Video with the Live Streaming Pros [Webinar]

This week on a special Livestream Learn, Live Streaming Pros founder and host Luria Petrucci joined Director of Content Amber van Moessner to discuss launching a live video strategy. Luria has 11 years experience in live video, over 3,500 episodes under her belt, and a loyal and engaged audience – she recently passed 1 billion views on YouTube. Luria shared her multi-part strategy for getting started with live video: the “Four Levels of Live Streaming,” the “Three Part LIVE Formula,” and how to cultivate live video Talent and Engagement.

Luria Petrucci’s Four Levels of Live Streaming™:

1. Selfie Stream:

The easiest way to go live – streaming via Facebook Live, Livestream, Periscope, or another platform from your mobile device.

2. Mobile Plus:

Using mobile phone accessories, like tripods or microphones, is an easy and effective way to add production quality to your live video.

2.5. Mevo: 

The live event camera from Livestream uses a special app to give you control over your production. With a 4K sensor, you can create multiple shots and edit on the fly. Mevo is a great way to get started with live video, and provides a higher quality broadcast than a mobile device.

3. From a Computer:

Streaming your laptop or computer screen lets you “cheat” a multi-camera production. Livestream’s Producer Software, combined with a capture device, lets you stream from your camera or desktop to the Livestream platform.

4. Dedicated Machine:

The best way for producers to achieve a high-quality broadcast is with a dedicated streaming computer. Livestream’s Studio software allows for multiple camera inputs, graphics overlays (like lower thirds), and media playback. It’s a powerful program, so a dedicated machine is best – either a fast computer or one of Livestream’s turnkey Studio units. Live Streaming Pros uses the Livestream Studio HD550, with cameras that connect directly to the device.

Live Streaming Pros’ Three-Part LIVE Formula:

1. Consistency:

Luria suggests starting with a live weekly show so that your audience knows you’re there, and committed to providing value to your viewers.

2. LIFE Streams:

These are Level 1 and Level 2 streams where you’re bringing viewers into your world. Don’t be afraid to show the “human” side of your company – broadcast an event at your office, or give your audience a peek behind the curtain to see how your show is produced.

3. After Live:

Repurpose your live video content to keep your audience engaged. Using video on demand to share interesting moments from your live show lets you continue the conversation with your viewers.

Getting started with live video is easier than ever, but many producers struggle with cultivating on-camera talented and growing their viewership. To learn more about Luria’s strategy, including the Four Levels of Livestreaming™, the Three-Part LIVE Formula, and a crash course in getting camera ready, watch the video below: