9 Statistics Show How Live Video for Education is Changing the Classroom [Infographic]

Live video for education is in greater demand now than ever before. New technologies are changing the way students engage with their coursework. Live video in the classroom opens up new possibilities and makes education more accessible. Many students are “digital natives,” and expect learning institutions to meet them online.

Livestreaming educational content has benefits for instructors as well. Live video is more engaging and dynamic than plain text. Additionally, online courses are on the rise: the classroom of the future will use live video to reach students at every level.

1. 5.8M students enrolled in at least one online course in 2014 – up 3.9 percent from 2013. (Source: Babson Survey Research Group)
2. 55% of college presidents predict students will take at least some online classes by 2022. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
3. 77% of colleges offer online courses. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
4. 86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
5. College students (aged 18-34) own an average of 6.8 digital devices each. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
6. 78% of college students prefer smartphones to other digital devices. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
7. 27% of audiences are would watch a live educational talk or lectures. (Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)
8. Teachers finding value in video content has increased each year since 2007.
9. 68% of educators believe that video content stimulates discussions.
a. 66% believe video increases student motivation.

b. 55% believe it helps teachers be more creative.

c. 62% believe video helps teachers be more effective.

d. 61% believe video is preferred by students.
(Source: The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video on Education, Cisco)

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