Livestream Learn Recap: OTT Streaming with the Experts

What is OTT Streaming

OTT – or “over the top” content distribution – is becoming a larger part of consumers’ media diets. Viewers are moving away from traditional broadcast television. Live and on-demand OTT streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are leading the charge. This week on Livestream Learn, we sat down with a panel of experts to discuss how OTT is changing the live video industry.

Our guests include digital programming experts William Mao, MP&Silva; Mark De Couteau, EDGESport/WME; and Jon Keller, Odd Networks to discuss OTT product, strategy, and how industries are shifting to meet customer demand.

What is OTT? The best examples are major streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, that provide a top-down portal for streaming content. OTT platforms aren’t just limited to movies and television – OTT is also changing the way we watch live television. Major League Baseball’s MLB BAM network and EDGESport are just two examples of OTT sports platforms

How is OTT changing the broadcast industry? The cord-cutting trend has swept audiences around the world. Brands are devoting more energy to streaming their content on the web, mobile, and connected TVs. Over a third (33.1%) of respondents to TechCrunch’s 2015 poll watch one to five hours of OTT content per month. For 60% of respondents, OTT content was more convenient. And 38% believe that the content selection on OTT platforms is better than cable television.

OTT will grow with its audience in the coming years. According to USA Today, 70% of viewers ages 18-29 already use a streaming service. Half (43%) would pay anywhere from $10-25 a month for an OTT streaming service.

What do companies need to launch an OTT platform? Major networks and smaller brands alike are investing more in OTT. Cultivating an expert team of developers, marketers, and producers is crucial for any OTT strategy.


  • What businesses need to launch an OTT platform.
  • How live video can be a differentiator in an OTT content strategy.
  • What’s next for the future of OTT distribution.