Announcing In-Video Donations

Livestream is excited to announce that you can now accept donations from your audience through your embedded live video as well as your event page on Livestream. This is a great way to continue creating the content your viewers love while letting them show their appreciation and contribute toward your efforts.

Now that giving online is easier than ever, donations are on the rise. According to Charity Navigator, charitable donations hit over $373B in 2015, up 4% from the year prior. Online donating has grown steadily – up 9.2% from 2014 to 2015 – with small organizations seeing the largest growth in digital donations.

At Livestream we know that whether you’re a musician, non-profit, or House of Worship, many resources go into creating your live content. This new feature presents a simple solution for your audience to show their appreciation. Enterprise, Premium, and Basic platform customers will be able to solicit and accept donations through their event pages as well as directly in live video embeds.


1. Connect a new or existing Stripe account to your Livestream account from your account settings.

2. Once connected, a button to donate will appear on your event pages and embeds on Livestream.

3. Anyone visiting your event page or watching via the embed will be able to make a donation to your account.

4. Donations will appear in your Stripe dashboard. Viewers who donate will receive a receipt via email.

5. Producers will receive a daily digest email with donation activity.
This is an exciting solution for all of the organizations who stream with us. It’s a great alternative to putting your content behind a paywall, allowing your audience to enjoy your live video while dedicated viewers can contribute to your efforts.


How To Use Video In Your Event Marketing Strategy

Event marketing is an important part of any company’s growth strategy. Events give you an opportunity to connect with your users, customers, or other like-minded individuals in your industry, and hopefully, convert prospects into customers.

As any event planner knows, events are often expensive and challenging to execute. You want to make sure you’re getting as much return-on-investment as possible out of each event. An easy way to guarantee event ROI is by incorporating video into your event strategy. We’ve paired up with Eventbrite to help you navigate how to use video in your event marketing strategy.

Video is more engaging and emotional than any other form of content. That’s what makes it so perfect for events. Live video can help your event reach the largest audience possible, and video used throughout and after your event can help set the tone and keep your in-person audience excited and engaged.

Watch our webinar with Eventbrite below to learn how to use video in your event marketing strategy, including:

  • Ways to use video to create unforgettable event experiences.
  • Best practices for boosting engagement before, during, and after your event.
  • Three trends that are defining the future of event technology.