Livestream Learn Recap: Live Video + Event Marketing Best Practices

Live events are a fast growing industry, expected to generate $18 billion of annual revenue by 2018. Events are a great tool for lead generation and customer and prospect engagement. To top it off, live video is one of the most engaging forms of content. The evidence is clear: viewers watch 54 minutes on average and spend even more time with this content when you introduce online polls and Q&A. Best of all? 30% of people who watch an event’s livestream will buy a ticket to attend that event the following year!

For this week’s Livestream Learn, we sat down with Marisa Laureni, Director and Owner of Romela Events, and Jasmine Cortez, Field Marketing Manager at Sailthru to talk event planning best practices and how to incorporate a live video strategy into your event.


  • What is the most difficult thing about planning an enterprise-level event?
  • What is the value of using video in a live event?
  • How Social Media Week and B2B brands use Livestream for their events.
  • How do you make an event memorable?
  • How do you measure event marketing ROI?
  • How do you get livestreaming investment buy-in from your executive team?
  • What’s your event planning hack?
  • What makes a BAD event?
  • How do you integrate social media into events?

Meet Vimeo Enterprise: Video for the way you work

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, then you already know — video is a crucial communication tool for connecting with audiences, customers, and employees.

As people have grown accustomed to high-quality, consumer video experiences in their day-to-day lives, they have come to expect similar video experiences from the companies they work for or with. We at Vimeo realized we could do more to help businesses harness the power of video across the organization.

“Live video is becoming a necessity for companies. It’s the best way to get your point across to as many people as possible.”
Michael Weinstein, Video Studio Lead at Deloitte Global

With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce Vimeo Enterprise — a secure, centralized video solution for organizations of all sizes.

What’s happening to Vimeo Livestream?

Never fear, live streaming fans — nothing is changing with the Vimeo Livestream product you know and love. The team at Vimeo continues to support the Livestream product and users just as we always have.

Vimeo Enterprise is a new way to manage videos built specifically for the needs of businesses and organizations, with new security features, built-in Q&A and lower thirds, private video Showcase, and much more.

Is Vimeo Enterprise right for me?

If you’re currently using video to communicate with your workforce, or if you’re looking for a better way to manage and distribute your organization’s video content, Vimeo Enterprise might be right for you.

Our new, end-to-end solution combines what millions of users already love about Vimeo with the dedicated support and advanced features that large organizations require, like:

  • Enterprise-grade security with single sign-on (SSO) for viewers, private team projects, embed permissions, and much more
  • Private Showcase, a branded viewing destination that gives you complete control over your video experience, anywhere, now with SSO-secured access and live streaming
  • Built-in engagement tools like live polls, live Q&A, and audience chat make it easier than ever to drive viewer participation
  • Easy-to-use, professional live graphics let you add images, animated text, and logos to your live events, straight from your browser
  • Advanced video analytics to help your team better understand your audience, down to each and every employee, trainee, viewer, etc.
  • Dedicated support, when you need it with white-glove onboarding, dedicated account management, and access to Vimeo’s award-winning live production services
  • High-quality, reliable HD streaming with support and uptime SLAs to ensure your live events go smoothly, every time

Where can I learn more?

Read more about Vimeo Enterprise on the Vimeo blog, or sign up for our product walkthrough and see Vimeo Enterprise in action on October 1 at 1 PM ET.