Livestreaming for Houses of Worship: Spreading the Word

Religious organizations and houses of worship of all faiths are tasked with spreading the word and sharing their beliefs. Our chosen house of worship is about community: learning together, rallying around one another in times of struggle, and lifting each other up. A house of worship is much more than a place you come once a week to pray, meditate, and learn – it’s where your community comes together.

Faith leaders are constantly in search of ways to bring in new members, engage existing members, and expand the reach of their message. Fortunately, spreading the word and sharing our faith today is easier and more accessible than ever before.

Worship has gone digital: in 2015, 3,000 houses of worship in 57 countries used Livestream to broadcast 121,026 services, ceremonies, and meetings. According to a study by Monk Development, 46% of church attendees say that a church’s website is important when choosing a church, 64% say their church’s website is important in facilitating participation in their church, and 33% say the internet was the first place where they learned about their church.

According to Pew research, the religious community is highly engaged online: sharing their beliefs on Facebook, asking for prayer on Twitter, or mentioning in a post that they went to church.


Since 2013, faith-based organizations have seen the greatest increase in online giving, and churches increase donations 6X through a custom donation page.

“There is a serious benefit to livestreaming: The stats are clear that most people check out your online campus before they come to your church,” writes Andy McMillan on the Church Production blog. “So it’s an incredible tool to reach new people and to connect with those attendees who travel for business, etc. That being said, creating a respectable video stream is harder than it looks.”

Every day, Livestream works with religious organizations to help them connect with their communities and congregations, grow donations, and build their digital audience. We have more customers in faith-based industries than any other. Since we hear many of the same questions from houses of worship eager to get started with livestreaming, we created this guide to help you through the process and illustrate how other houses of worship are succeeding with livestreaming technology.


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