[Case Study] Streaming Live Music with the Pickathon Festival

Portland, Oregon-based music festival Pickathon has been a staple of the Northwest music scene for 18 years. In 2012, organizers Ryan Stiles and Zale Schoenborn started to think globally. Would streaming live music have a negative impact on their in-person ticket sales? Would they have to compromise on their mission to stay independent? They needed an affordable streaming solution that allowed them do things their way.

After careful research, Stiles and Schoenburn chose Livestream. It’s easy to see why: with Livestream, the Pickathon crew could stream what they wanted without limitation.

Four years later, the regional festival has become a global phenomenon. Viewers tune in from all over the world, and ticket sales have increased as a result. Online viewership has grown from 11,000 in 2015 to 200,000 in 2016.

Want to learn more about why Livestream is the best platform for streaming live music? Download our case study to learn:

  • How Pickathon’s live video strategy boosted revenue.
  • How Pickathon used their live video content to continue the conversation post-festival.
  • Why Livestream’s ad-free platform is a perfect choice for independent creatives.