[Case Study] How a Global Beauty Brand is Streaming Internal Corporate Communications

Employee engagement isn’t just a best practice, it’s a crucial part of any business. Lack of communication can have real impact on morale and revenue. Businesses with high employee turnover lose $11b annually. According to the Dale Carnegie Institute, 71% of employees are not engaged with their company’s mission.

For one Global Beauty Company*, with almost 50,000 employees worldwide, finding a solution for streaming internal corporate communications was a tall task. Failure was not an option for their Executive Director of Global Communications, Kelly*.

A New Strategy for Global Communications

When a new Executive VP of human resources joined the organization, he wanted to change their communications strategy from top-to-bottom. New management provided the perfect opportunity for Kelly. She began brainstorming ways they could improve their internal communications. Kelly knew having an accessible message would keep employees engaged and productive.

A previous strategy consisted of creating toolkits and videos so that various executives around the world could deliver the same message over and over in person. The new VP had positive experiences with webcasting, but the size of the organization and their internal network added a challenge.

Kelly encountered more than a few hiccups early on when trying out live video and global conferencing solutions. “No matter how much we consolidated, given how far reaching the HR organization was, there was no way,” she said, adding, “We would break the system, bring the whole network down. We just knew it wasn’t a viable solution.”

Working with IT

Kelly’s IT colleague Dave*, Executive Director of Global Networks, began looking for a streaming provider for an annual leadership address. They needed a provider that fit all their needs and could work with their internal network. Other providers were “limited in terms of the number of participants in the live event,” Dave said. “And some of the other options consumed much more bandwidth.”

Dave and Kelly needed an end-to-end streaming solution that offered reliability and security.

After careful research, Dave reached out to Livestream. High-profile companies like WeWork, Lululemon, and Spotify trust Livestream with their streaming efforts for corporate communications.

Livestreaming, according to Kelly, was “an opportunity for the leadership team to be seen broadly around the world.” After their initial event, the HR team expanded the frequency of their live events and she recently received a new role managing all streaming logistics for other departments of the company.

Growing with Live Video

Now they use Livestream to broadcast multiple events per year across teams. Kelly and her team use Livestream for all-hands presentations, training, and informational broadcasts. It’s easy to see why. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%, according to a recent Gallup poll.

According to Kelly, “Livestream is an effective tool for everyone in an entire global department to hear the same message in a consistent way, at the same time that their colleagues are hearing it.” Consistent messaging keeps teams around the world engaged and informed. Livestream’s built-in Analytics feature gives Kelly insight about viewership, so she can see who watched where and for how long.

Dave appreciates the flexibility of the platform and its compatibility with multiple devices: “Any place, any time, any technology that they’re sitting in front of. They could be on their iPad, or in the office, and people can view it any location and have a similar experience.”

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*Kelly and Dave work for a large global beauty brand that has a “no endorsement” policy. But they really love Livestream and asked us to share their insights anonymously.