[Case Study] How the Eagles Win with Live Video

On draft day, the Philadelphia Eagles production team is in the zone: pushing the limits of their team and equipment to capture every crucial moment of the NFL draft live. The production team prepares for months – planning, researching, and testing every aspect of the biggest show they do each season.

There’s a film crew at the draft host city as well as Eagles HQ in Philadelphia, streaming each round. These crews set up the story, interview fans, and most importantly, do an exclusive interview with the Eagles first round pick. Back at Eagles HQ, a crew films analysis pieces outside the draft war room. Fans that watch live could not be closer to the action.

One team shoots live interviews with coaches while another crew does analysis pieces crucial to draft central production. After the picks are made, they go live to the press conference. “It’s my favorite event because it’s certainly the one we put the most resources into,” Mark Leblang, Studio/Live Production Manager for the Eagles tells Livestream. “But it’s also a time when we can flex our muscles in terms of production.”

While these videos could easily be packaged for ESPN or broadcast, the Eagles are doing this just for their dedicated digital audience who enjoy all of this content for free, live, from anywhere in the world.

“All of those contributions are funneled into our greater production at our central broadcast studio and distributed via Livestream on our website and app. Then we break them up and distribute them across channels,” says Leblang. “That ambition really pays off. That’s why it’s successful. The response we get, that engagement we get – everyone’s really blown away by how much we’re able to do.”

The Philadelphia Eagles have the most dedicated fans in all of American football. “It’s overwhelming,” Eagles president Don Smolenski told ESPN. “I think it speaks to the fanbase and it speaks to the sports city that is Philadelphia…they’ve been there through the good times and through the not-so-good times. It makes you feel proud.”

Eagles’ fans around the world are rewarded with the most comprehensive live and on-demand over-the-top sports experience around. Eagles live videos rack up millions of views and thousands of comments. Since 2015, over two million unique viewers have watched 13.3 million minutes of Eagles live video and VOD online.

“People are moving away from television,” says Leblang. “Tech has democratized live video. As long as the online content matches TV content and they don’t have to forfeit quality, they’re going to watch. We’re trying to make sure that when they choose our content online, versus what’s produced by another content outlet on broadcast, they don’t have to forfeit quality for convenience.”


  • How the Philadelphia Eagles develop broadcast-quality live video for over 2M viewers.
  • Data and statistics on rising interest in sports on-demand content.
  • The equipment and tools the Eagles use to connect to fans with live video.