[Case Study] Livestreaming Conferences: 4A’s Transformation

The American Association of Advertising Agencies, also known as 4A’s, was founded in 1917 as a trade organization for American advertisers. Their Transformation trade show is an annual event that brings visionaries, marketers, business leaders, and industry experts under one roof.

In 2016, 4A’s partnered with Livestream to take their event to a global audience with live video. “We wanted an opportunity and a vehicle to extend the reach of our event to our membership,” said Michael Burns, Senior Vice President of Events at 4A’s. “For us to be able to deliver the content in real time is a huge benefit.”

Streaming Transformation gave 4A’s the opportunity to build awareness for their brand and increase their organization’s membership. Livestreaming conferences reliably, and in real-time, allowed remote members to stay connected with their colleagues.

“The more that people understand the value of the content we’re providing,” Burns added, “there’s an opportunity to impact growth not just for this event, but future events.”

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