[Case Study] Live Video for Agencies: How Experience-Interaction Digital Turned 4,000 Attendees to 4.7 Million Viewers

From campaigns with luxury brands to beverage giants, Brooklyn-based agency Experience-Interaction puts storytelling first in everything they do. The boutique studio counts names like Jose Cuervo, AFROPUNK, and Tiffany & Co. among their client roster. For founders Jesse Resnick and Walter Shock, their medium of choice is live video. Live video rewards agency campaigns with unrivaled immediacy and impact.

“We now view live video as an important component in our storytelling toolbox,” said Founder and CEO Resnick. By incorporating live video into their creative process, Experience-Interaction offers their clients a more engaging and authentic way to speak to their customers.

Experience-Interaction’s Content Producer, Nora Resnick, comes from a traditional, scripted broadcast background. Partnering with Livestream Production demystified the live production process. Knowing that Livestream was on hand to produce a dynamic live show allowed her to focus on creating compelling content for her clients. “I could trust what [Livestream] was doing,” said Nora, adding, “the crew was in it to win it, willing to get their hands dirty, and that’s very much how we work.”

For the 2017 Whitney Biennial, Experience-Interaction and Tiffany & Co. added livestreaming to a private, influencer-only event. The results were more than positive – they were downright phenomenal. Although the Biennial event space had a 4,000 person capacity, video from their livestream racked up over 4.7 million viewers worldwide.

As Experience-Interaction continues to add brands to its portfolio, Livestream will be ready to bring their events to life. “Our results working with Livestream have exceeded my expectations,” Nora added. “Our clients have been really happy with the results and we will definitely continue to work with Livestream as our technology partner.”

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