How Livestreaming Services Helps Champions Centre Church Grow Their Flock


Live video is changing the way houses of worship engage with their communities. More faith-based organizations are livestreaming services every day to rapidly growing digital audiences. How are congregations using live video to stay connected and reach their goals?

Champions Centre, a Livestream customer since 2012, was an early adopter of live video technology. They’ve since expanded their reach by livestreaming services and special events worldwide. Adding live video to their organization increased viewership and grew their digital donations by 70%.

Champions Centre began as Meridian Christian Ministries in 1986 with a congregation of 70 in the Pacific Northwest. In 2000 they rebranded as Champions Centre after combining with other congregations and building a robust worship center. While rebuilding their physical worship center, they also invested in their online properties building an Online Campus.

“Sometimes in life there are seasons where it’s hard for whatever reason to get to a local church campus,” says Mickey Elliott, Web Developer and Online Campus Media Director at Champions Centre. “It’s in these moments we believe that there is still opportunity to serve the house and serve others. Champions Centre set out to break down this barrier and created what we call our Online Campus.”

Champions Centre knew that they needed a partner in growth for their Online Campus. “We livestreamed on another platform for a couple years leading up to the switch to Livestream,” says Elliott. “As we became more intentional in our approach to connect with our online audience, we needed a platform that would allow us to continue to grow. Livestream has given us the platform and tools needed to integrate our current production on campus and share it with the rest of the world.”

“Love this livestreaming when you just cannot get to Church. Today was a special blessing.” – Champions Centre Viewer Testimonial

Bringing the Church Online

“We do our best to give our viewers the Church experience wherever they are,” says Elliott. In addition to weekend services, they also broadcast related messages based on whatever topic the church community is currently discussing.

“Streaming on our Online Campus has created approximately 20% extra traffic to our site and we’re just getting started,” says Elliott. “Since we have given our attendees the ability to give online we have seen approximately 70% of our total giving via online. Our Online Platform allows our viewers to stay connected, grow their faith, and help others anywhere and anytime.”

Elliott thinks the key differentiator in their success is the high quality of their live videos and the platform’s ease of use. “Quality is the most important part of a successful broadcast,” says Elliott. “Numbers are relative. Whether you’re just starting out with no followers or you have many, being able to deliver your content professionally really makes the difference in whether or not people will come back. Our focus as a church is to move people’s lives forward, and being able to focus on our promises without the distraction of technology is ideal.”

“You are my church now. I have watched online more than coming since I had to move. God bless you all.” – Champions Centre Viewer Testimonial

Touching Lives by Livestreaming Services

In the Fall of 2015, Champions Centre hosted the “Good Things” event around the launch of their Pastor Kevin Gerald’s book of the same title. Using the Livestream Studio Software “interview” feature, they were able to remotely interview New York Times bestselling authors from around the world live at the event. “That was just one of the many doors this platform has opened up for us,” says Elliott.

Livestreaming services has had such an amazing amount of success and engagement for Champions Centre that they have developed a way for online viewers to connect with each other, volunteer online as prayer partners in real time, and serve in many other ways. According to Elliott, their live traffic is the equivalent of serving an extra congregation per day.

“Many of our viewers have connected with us during the life of our livestreaming to share how their lives have changed for the better,” says Elliott. “The stories and connections we receive are the biggest reason why we keep doing what we’ve set out to do.”


  • How the Champions Centre uses livestreaming services to reach their viewers wherever they are.
  • Real life use cases for congregations of all sizes.
  • The equipment and tools organizations are using to connect worshippers with live video.