[Case Study] Livestreaming Fitness Events: How Tough Mudder Uses Live Video for Revenue Gains

When Tough Mudder wanted to start livestreaming fitness events, they initially tried to hack their own “bootleg” live video solution. When that failed, CEO Will Dean reached out to Livestream.

“For people on the fence who aren’t sure if they can do a Tough Mudder (a hardcore obstacle race/mud run) watching live gives them a more visceral experience that’s unique and real-time,” said Tough Mudder SVP Brand and Creative Jesse Bull. Now with Tough Mudder’s live video strategy up and running, Bull sees an event with around 70K unique views converts into around 20K website visits. For Tough Mudder that means direct reach, brand awareness, and increased opportunity for ticket sales.

“That’s a huge bump in organic and direct traffic that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen without that content,” said Bull. “The live watch time was a huge revelation to us versus a social media video that people will watch for 10 seconds if you’re lucky. A five or six minute watch time was huge – there’s clearly a lot of power there. We’re confident as we continue to roll this out we’ll see that traffic and engagement translate into more sales. I think it’s just a really engaging and authentic way to experience the event.”

Last year live video from their events was viewed 14.5M times across Livestream and Facebook as they hit over 2.5M participants.

“Livestream is helping support our marketing goals by essentially giving us a brand new medium to tell a deeper story,” said Bull. “We’ve always been about storytelling, and content has always been the foundation of our marketing, through social media especially. Now having this tool where we can tell the story live is hugely powerful. Being able to broadcast a real event live and tell these stories is just an amazing new weapon in our marketing arsenal.”

Bull recommends Livestream to any company that wants to broadcast their events live. “I think it’s an incredibly easy tool to use in terms of the technology platform and hardware, but more importantly, it’s a great team,” said Bull. “If they can figure out how to broadcast an event from the middle of a muddy field two hours outside of a city without wifi, then they can probably help any type of company broadcast. The creativity, the problem solving – the fact that they’ve got the technology but also the production resources is hugely valuable, and it’s very cost-effective.”

Read our case study to learn how Tough Mudder:

  • Grows participation and ROI with live video.
  • Scales their live video strategy to reach an ever-growing viewership.
  • Turns this year’s web traffic into next year’s ticket sales.