Kate Orange

KATE ORANGE Imagine… .. The sweet music of Kylie Minogue together with the eccentric behavior of Lady Gaga and you will see Kate Orange – an electronic pop singer and DJ from Rotterdam. Originally from the Ukraine, Kate brought her unique character and musical vibes to the Netherlands 4 years ago. She mixes her authentic motherland melodies with various styles as Latin, Dutch house and American pop. Her remarkable performances are inspired by all the impressions she obtained in other countries and encounters with interesting creatives around the world. During Kate’s shows you will witness a colorful palette of fashion, music and strong emotional expressions. Kate’s DJ sets are always passionate: It doesn’t matter whether there are 10 people in a club or 10.000, Kate will give everything she has to entertain and make the crowd feel special. During the sets she sings and acts like an MC, closely interacting with the audience. “Innovative and Entertaining - Kate has a flair and enthusiasm that makes her very Special” Tom Pearce – Practical Music (NL). Experience Kate Orange has over 8 years of experience in the entertainment industry and specifically live performances. She has presented her shows in the Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. During this she made a lot of fans with whom she maintains a wonderful connection. “Kate is the new lady Gaga, but with more skills as she is both a singer, top Dj, songwriter, fashion designer and more” Ben Welling – Inclusivo events (NL). Stereo Radio In 2012 Kate released her 1st album “Stereo Radio”. The video of its main song Stereo Radio gained over 40,000 views on YouTube. This song was also used for a TV show on one of the major Spanish TV channels featuring David Guetta. Nowadays Kate Orange is working on a new album, shows and vocal master classes.

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